Friday, April 25, 2008

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Zion vs. Atlantis

If you were to apply the "Bell Curve" normal distribution to humanity you would have to conclude the following:

1-2% of the population are 100% "God Lovers"

13.5% are Good and Leaning towards the "God Lovers"

34.13% are average and leaning towards Good


The opposite must also be true::

1-2% of the population are "Satan Lovers" and truly evil

13.5% are wicked and Leaning towards Satan

34.13% are average and leaning towards Evil

Thus, looking at the "Normal Distribution", which is a statistical law, we can conclude that darkness and light are evenly balanced in the experience we call mortality:


1. Because, according to the "laws of opposing forces" it is the only way mortality can be balanced with equal opportunities to choose good or evil.

2. Through a man in complete darkness, and keep him there, and you violate his right to experience good and take away his ultimate right to experience a fullness of knowledge.

The tree that Adam and Eve ate from was the "Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil."It wasn't the tree of the knowledge of just good, or just evil. It was so that they could gain knowledge (experience) of both.


This matters!


Because mortality has failed its purpose of providing us with a balanced experience if the world becomes too good or too evil at any one point! This is when God will either take the good from this world through a variety of means; or pour out His Judgements upon the wicked. Light and Darkness have to be balanced in order for man to experience both "good and evil" so that he can choose between them:


Prior to the flood we learn that both goodness and evil were able to build their "perfect" government:

Zion: This was the City built by Enoch and those that followed God.

1. Zion was beautiful because the people were! From the inside out! They had no desire to do evil. It was not because they HAD a perfect system. They realized that "The System" is whatever the people want it to be. There were no poor among the people of Zion because everyone contributed under the "Law of Consecration". Simply stated: "They freely contributed everything that they owned, including themselves, for the benefit of the "whole".

2. Zion was made of "Men and Women of the Spirit" that had conquered their "Men of Dirt". They had learned, through obedience to the "Principals of Light" that govern the Kingdom of God in the eternities.

3. Zion was governed by The Laws of Jesus Christ. Even though HE had not yet come into mortality, HE still governed the affairs of this earth inasmuch as man permitted it through his choices. IF we follow the true principals of The Gospel of Jesus Christ we will then conquer "the mind of dirt" and see all things as they truly are. Zion was governed by love because the people chose not to lust. Zion was governed by Courage because the people chose not to fear!


The opposite of Zion was also established before the flood. It was known as Egypt or "Atlantis" and was governed by Satan through his most loyal followers who worshipped him through their LUST and FEAR. Mind's of dirt, they were able to arrive to great academic and scientific advancements. They were men of war; that arrived at new and mighty ways of destroying their fellow men. Whether it was biological, nuclear, chemical or conventional. Atlantis terrorized its own citizens and brought great fear and destruction to its neighbors.

1. Atlantis was Fascism at its ugliest. The state "programmed" its citizens through terror, fear and punished with death those that were "subversives" and a threat to the state.

2. Atlantis openly worshipped Lucifer and claimed he was the "God of Light". Loyal Citizens were rewarded by being openly permitted to exercise all of their lusts through pornography, fornication, homosexuality, gluttony and every other imaginable evil. Their religion called for human sacrifice and even canibalism.


Zion survived through "Faith" which miraculously led to Divine protection against its evil nemesis "Atlantis". Finally, because of the continuous threats from evil, God took Zion away from this earth and a good chunk of this earth with it. According to the Book of Revelation, Zion will be brought from the heavens and again be found on this earth.

Atlantis was destroyed by the flood. It had to be destroyed; or man's mortal experience would have fallen into darkness.


So you see, there are only two forms of government, really. Zion, which is run according to the Principals taught by Jesus Christ and "Atlantis or Egypt"; run by Lucifer and hi followers. Light that seeks to elevate and darkness that seeks to destroy.